Ávila is a small city located about an hour outside of Madrid in one of Spain´s  17 autonomous communities.  It is located in Castilla y Leon, a community with a rich historical background. Ávila shares this rich tradition and can be easily seen by the wonderful Stone walls which surrounds this small city.  Historic yet modern, Ávila provides a great experience for somebody who wishes to visit historical sites as well as visit some of the best retail stores and 5 star restaurants.

The Stone Walls of Ávila

Ávila is most well known for its surrounding walls. These walls date back from the 12th century.  They were built as a defense mechanism  and today offers us a wonderful historical view of what a typical medieval Spanish town is like.  You can even take a walking tour  on top of the walls, which offers an amazing view of all of Ávila, as well as the beautiful Spanish countryside in the distance.


Photo taken from the Four Posts

Photo taken from atop the walls

Photo taken from the foot of the walls

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La Aldea del Rey Nino

It has a wonderful location because it is only 10km away from the city of Avila.

Its name is english means The Town of the King’s Son. It is based in an old legend that said the stepfather of the future king Alfonso XI had ordered the death of the child to prevent him from stealing the throne when he grew up. Many nobles decided to send the child into hiding for his protection and a palace, very near to where the town sits today, was chosen as his hiding spot.

The town’s principle monument is a church that dates back to the 18th century.

The town’s biannual festivities take place in the months of June and September to honor the Saint Gregorio Magno. The festivities offer a wide array of unique activities such as various sporting events, card games, and outdoor events.

Four Posts view

The famous “Four Posts” is a great place to take pictures of Avila from a distance. This little outcrop is a perfect place to see the walls and the city. It is especially breathtaking at night.

It’s only about 5 kms from Avila city in a place called Serranillos.

The Virgin Sonsoles is a medieval tradition and is associated with various miracles.  It’s tradition to make wishes to the Virgin, and once they are fulfilled, one must walk from the Sanctuary to the City

Virgin Sonsoles Sanctuary